Stop Me If I Told You This

Stop Me if I Told You This is the laugh-out-loud, touching, off-beat musical multimedia memoir of prolific voice actor and vocalist Cam Clarke. The show business progeny of glamorous King Sister, Alyce King, and B-Movie icon Robert Clarke, Cam’s childhood played out on our TV screens as one of the youngest members of 60’s singing ubiquities, the King Family. Reluctantly leaving behind his short pants and knee socks, Cam’s grown-up career took him into the recording studio, where he became a highly successful voice actor, best known as He-Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Leonardo, Metal Gear Solid’s Liquid Snake, and Barnyard’s neurotic Freddy the Ferret.

But that’s only part of the story. In Cam’s autobiographical one-man show, we are entertained by the tale of how a child, raised into Hollywood royalty, finds himself struggling to find his own identity — especially when that identity is directly, heart-achingly, hilariously in conflict with his Mormon upbringing. And while Stop Me If I Told You This sometimes spoofs Cam’s childhood on-screen performances, it is also a soul-baring experience filled with song and nostalgia that traces Cam’s uniquely profound journey.